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L&P maintains an International Network

L&P employs a network of partners of outstanding professionals in the EU, United States and Southeast Asia. Most where former top executives in the related industry.

L&P maintains close working relationships with partners in Germany, France, Russia, India and elsewhere that are active in our targeted sectors and committed to our corporate values. From previous business, L&P maintains a global network to first-tier high-tech companies and inves­tors.

Please visit the sites of our project partners:

·         Krupke Holding GmbH, Billerbeck, Private Equity, M&A-Consulting and Investments,

·         4TIME-Consulting GmbH, Vienna - Berlin, Consulting in TIME Market

·         Monika Janßen, financial consulting for international project and financing programs

·         SAXO Equity Management GmbH, Munich, Mergers & Acquisitions,Growth Financing and IPO support

·         ProMediaVenture, Munich, partner for company creation, organization and public funding:

International Network:

·         There are many more trusted partners around the globe with capabilities to support you

·         We focus on supporting new companies in International Corporate Development in the sec­tors telecom, IT, and other high tech product and services.

·         L&P services include strategic positioning, financing, product commercialization and strate­gic partnering.

  • L&P can also provide merger, acquisition, and trade sale services.

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In memoriam:
Dr. Friedrich Baur, former member of the Siemens Central Board and later head of ZF, who passed away in August 2006. He was an entrepreneur and inventor up to his last days - thanks!

Norbert Krupke, founder and CEO of Krupke Holding, passed away in August 2010, leaving alone his family with 5 children. He was an entrepreneur and investor up to his last days - thanks!