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Declick 2000 Last Edition

Declick 2000 is discontinued, but a free version is still available!

Did you ever want to copy your old records on CD's? CD recorders and CD recordables are cheap, and nearly every PC is equipped with a sound card, but good software to brush up the sound quality of old records wasn't cheap before today. But now you even get this functionality for FREE!

Declick is a plug in filter for the shareware sound editor Cool Edit 2000. It also works with the older version, Cool Edit 96.
Declick and Cool Edit together form a complete audio restoration laboratory, for about a small fraction of the price for the professional version and much less than other professional solutions. Declick features 2 different filters, lots of user defineable parameters for the advanced user and results that were not possible before.

You need either Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 or Windows XP and a registered Cool Edit 2000 (recommended). A minimum of 128 MB RAM and at least 1GB of free hard disk space are recommended. The minimum screen resolution is 800*600 pixel, 1024*768 pixel or more is recommended.
The plug-in works with all Pentium ™ or Athlon ™ processors, but for optimum performance at least a 450 MHz CPU is recommended.

This is Last Edition Version 1.21 - there will be no more versions due to low demand and time-consuming other activities. (check out the version history).
The documentation is included in HTML format (in English and German language), and the most up-to-date version is also available from this page.

Please choose the download location closest to you:
Download Declick 2000 version 1.21LocationProvider
declick_121.exe (1.2MB)GermanyM-Net
declick_121.exe (1.2MB)Germany(192kbps DSL)

Registration for Declick is no longer possible!

However, you may request a Last Edition key. It unlocks Declick for full file length usage, but does not entitle you for free support.
Of course support is granted to all users who have registered for Declick before (either timed or unlimited licenses).
Needs Netscape 4 or Internet Explorer 4, JavaScript enabled
Registration option    
Last Edition
immediate registration - FREE!
english deutsch Choose also this option if your timed Declick license has expired.


Click here if you are using an unregistered copy of Cool Edit 2000 or Cool Edit96
Click here if you are using Cool Edit 2000 LITE or Cool Edit 96 LITE
Click here if you updated Declick, but still see an old version number

3D Gallery

Enjoy some 3D images I shot 1997 and 1998 on trips in USA and Canada. Expect a lot of graphics on the following pages - it may take a while to load with a slow modem connection. A screen resolution of 1024*768 pixel (or greater) and a minimum of 64K colors (recommended: true color) is required. For viewing the 3D anaglyph versions, you need a pair of red/blue glasses.

Enter 3D Gallery here

3D site will change soon... Stay tuned!

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