I have an unregistered CE96 and want to try Declick.

Here's what an user of an unregistered CE96 wrote:

I'm still using an unregistered copy of Cool Edit 96, quite heavily from time to time. It forces me to save, quit and restart quite often since only a fraction of the features is available simultaneously. Frequent saving is actually worth while in any case. Declick appears in the transform menu if you have installed the files. It works fine when you select the first (save etc.) and third (stretching etc.) feature set from the demo version start-up menu. Without an opened file declick first looks as if it were disabled but after loading a file the menu item is shown in normal characters and will start without problems.

I have Cool Edit 96 LITE and want to try Declick.

Cool Edit LITE does not allow third-party plug-ins. That's why it is called "LITE" :-)
If you want to use Declick, create a backup of COOL.INI (very important!). Comment out user name and registration code in the [Registration] section - CE96 is turned into an unregistered version, which can be run as described just below. After your "Declick" work, remove the comments from user name and registration code and your Cool Edit 96 LITE behaves as usual.

I updated to the latest version, but still see the old version number

This flaw is caused by CE96 itself, if the new plug-in version has exactly the same size as the old one. It does not reread version information in that case.
But even if it shows the old version number, the new version is working behind the scenes.
To force CE96 to show the new version number, you can do the following:

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